Dhaka, Bangladesh

Consul Message

Dear Visitors,


Welcome to the website of the Honorary Consulate of Botswana in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am honoured to be accredited with the position of Honorary Consul of Republic of Botswana to Bangladesh. I see vast opportunities to promote trade with the two countries as there are many synergies we share with each other.
As members of the Commonwealth, the Republic of Botswana and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh have been associated with each other for a very long time. The Republic of Botswana has a resident High Commissioner to India with concurrent accreditation to Bangladesh. The Botswana Government has decided to appoint an Honorary Consul to look after the interests of the citizens of Botswana visiting to Bangladesh and in particular to improve the commercial ties between the two countries. I am deeply indebted to the Government of Republic of Botswana for appointing me as an Honorary Consul.
The Honorary Consulate of Botswana in Bangladesh does not function on consular issues rather it is focused on promoting bilateral trade and investment including tourism between the two countries. We have provided a brief background and important links on trade, investment and consular matters in this website which may be useful for the Nationals of Botswana and Bangladeshi entrepreneurs.
I take this opportunity to draw the attention of the Nationals of Botswana who are willing to travel to Bangladesh to contact the Consulate Office for any kind of supports or services during their stay in Bangladesh. Travelers and business persons of Botswana are requested to email us for any further information and assistance.
Bangladesh values its relationship with Botswana which is diverse in nature in terms of trade, commerce, investment, employment, education and culture and furthermore, the Consulate is committed to strengthening bilateral relations in every sphere.


Enthekhabul Hamid
Honorary Consul of Botswana in Bangladesh